• Privileges of Membership
  • Membership Fee Division
  • Payment of Membership Fees
  • Notification of Change

Information on admission

JAMP was established with the goal of contributing to the securing of international competitiveness for industries by promoting proper management of chemicals contained in products and smooth transfer of the information in the supply chains.
If you agree with the purpose of JAMP activities and wish to join, please download the Admission Form, enter the necessary information and send it to the Office of JAMP.
We will send you a confirmation and issue your member ID and password.

JAMP Brochure

【Mailing Address】
Office of Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP)
c/o Japan Environmental Management Association For Industry (JEMAI)
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Kanda Ekimae Bldg. 7F
2-2-1 Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044 Japan
  1. 1Privileges of Membership

    ■Following services are available for members only:
    ・Participation in expert committees, etc. and direct participation in JAMP activities
    ・Participation in the general meeting
    ・Voting right at the general meeting
    ・JAMP e-learning system
    ・Guide to various briefings, seminars(in Japanese), etc.
    ・JAMP membership certificate
    ・Exemption from payment of the member’s registration and the annual fees of JAMP-GP.

  2. 2Membership Fee Division
    Membership Fee Division Scale (number of employees) Number of units Amount
    Corporate member Associate 1 ~ less than 100 - 20,000 yen
    A 1 ~ less than 400 1 or more units 60,000 yen or more
    B 400 ~ less than 1000 2 or more units 120,000 yen or more
    C 1000 and up 3 or more units 180,000 yen or more
    Group member D Public interest corporation,
    industry group, etc.
    9 or more units 540,000 yen or more

    (Note)Any company or group which wishes to become a JAMP member shall apply and pay the fee specified in the below table which depends on the time to apply.

  3. Member division The time to apply a JAMP membership
    April-June July-September October-December January-March
    Corporate member Associate 20,000 yen
    A 60,000 yen or more 45,000 yen or more 30,000 yen or more 20,000 yen or more
    B 120,000 yen or more 90,000 yen or more 60,000 yen or more 30,000 yen or more
    C 180,000 yen or more 135,000 yen or more 90,000 yen or more 45,000 yen or more
    Group member D 540,000 yen or more 405,000 yen or more 270,000 yen or more 135,000 yen or more

    (Note)the following member can not earn GP membership fee exemption privilege.
    ● A or B or C or D member which withdraws JAMP within a business year
    ● A or B or C or D member which becomes a JAMP member in and after July
    ● Associate member

    ※Please refer to Membership Fee Rules for details. Fee Rules

  4. 3Payment of Membership Fees

    ・JAMP secretariat informs the applicable company if he is appropriate for having JAMP membership.
    ・After the company has a JAMP membership, JAMP secretariat sends him the member fee invoice, the JAMP member ID number and Password.
    ※Please make membership fee payments through a bank transfer.

    Bank name MUFG Bank,Ltd. (0005)
    Branch name Head Office (001)
    Swift code BOTKJPJT
    Bank address 7-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8388 Japan
    Account number Ordinary Deposit 1616953
    Account name Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry

    ※Please note that members bear service charges for a bank transfer.

  5. 4Notification of Change

    Please submit Notification of Change of the registered contents to the Office of JAMP.

    ■Change in the contact person (Name/Affiliation/Contact, etc.)

    ※Company seal not required. Submission by FAX accepted.

    ■Change in the company name, etc.

    ※Please stamp with the company seal and send it to the Office of JAMP.

    ■Change in the membership division

    ※Please stamp with the company seal,
    attach a document stating the number of employees and send it to the Office of JAMP

    Notification of Change