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    Communicating information on chemical
substances contained in products:
 JAMP’s efforts to propagate a standards
scheme internationally as a means
of improving industrial competitiveness
北浦 保彦
Chairperson of Joint Article Management consortium
Jun Shida           

As the newly appointed Chairperson of JAMP, I would like to take this opportunity to express a few words of greeting.

The fundamental missions of JAMP as passed down from generation to generation are “the appropriate management of information on chemical substances contained in articles (another term for parts and final products), and the establishment and propagation of concrete mechanisms to ensure the uninhibited disclosure and communication of such information in the supply chain, with the goal of raising the competitiveness of industry.”

In September 2016, JAMP celebrated a milestone-10 full years of service. In order to fulfill our fundamental missions, we have worked to build and propagate a cross-industry approach utilizing JAMP MSDSplus/AIS as a means of efficiently disclosing and communicating information on the chemical substances contained in products. With the understanding and considerable support of everyone, we have achieved a certain degree of success.

As we move towards greater international use, from FY2016, which marked 10 full years of service, JAMP began implementing chemSHERPA, a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry initiative that complies with the IEC62474 standard, an international standard for the electrical and electronics industry.

FY2017 will be a year of major changes as we proceed in earnest with the transition from JAMP’s existing approach to chemSHERPA.
In order to contribute to greater convenience with the goal of improved industrial competitiveness and to contribute to global expansion, we will ensure that this transition proceeds smoothly while minimizing the burden on all of our members and users.

I humbly request the continued understanding, support, and cooperation of all of those involved.