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    JAMP will promote the global use of
standard schemes for communicating
information about chemicals in products,
in an effort toraise the competitiveness of
北浦 保彦
Chairperson of Joint Article Management consortium
Yasuhiko Kitaura           

As the newly appointed Chairperson of JAMP, it is my honor to write a few words of greeting.

JAMP was established as a cross-industry voluntary organization in September 2006 against a background of enhanced international management of chemical substances. This was in response to the action agenda on proper chemicals management agreed at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, and the goal agreed at the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 of ensuring that, by the 2020, chemicals will be produced and used in ways that minimize significant adverse impacts.

JAMP’s fundamental missions are the appropriate management of information on chemical substances contained in articles (the collective term for parts and final products), and the establishment and popularization of concrete mechanisms for the smooth disclosure and communication of such information in supply chains, with the goal of raising the competitiveness of industry.

JAMP is a globally unique organization, in that it is made up of all three parts of supply chain , namely, the upstream of supply chain that supply the information on chemical substances, the mid-stream of supply chain that add to that information in the course of processing and/or assembly of articles, and the downstream of supply chain that take on responsibility towards consumers, including complying with laws and regulations based on the information they have obtained through the supply chain. These three parts of supply chain cooperate and coordinate with each other to engage in activities aimed at achieving the fundamental missions of the organization.

In FY2016, JAMP began implementing chemSHERPA, an initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. chemSHERPA is in line with JAMP’s fundamental missions and complies with IEC 62474, the international standard for the electrical and electronics industry, which has taken the lead in the global deployment of chemicals management. Its data entry support tool has been improved and is easy to use.

JAMP will continue to enhance its activities and propel them forward for the continuous improvement of our members’ convenience and to contribute to the global expansion of all industries. The continued understanding and cooperation of all concerned would be greatly appreciated.